Nordic bath and outdoor spa


We are equipped with a hot Norwegian bath and a sauna.
Their uses are reserved exclusively for guest rooms.
The hot tub and the sauna are installed outdoors in the garden and the outdoor area is landscaped.

In accordance with the hygiene rules for collective spas,
this is the subject of water treatment.
For reasons of safety and hygiene and to respect the quality of the water,
users are required to respect these few rules:
- the shower is compulsory before entering the bath and sauna,
it is also recommended at the exit to evacuate skin residues and toxins.
- it is forbidden to soil the bath water with (soap, perfume, bubble bath, sunscreen,
massage oil, various and varied solid or liquid products).
- Food products are prohibited in and around the bath and sauna.
Only mineral water and champagne are allowed in great moderation!
- Loose clothing and jewelry are prohibited in the bath and sauna.
The swimsuit is strongly recommended. Underpants and other swim shorts are prohibited.

The recommended duration of a bathing session is 50 minutes.
Exceeding 50 minutes may cause drowsiness and hyperthermia.
It is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol before or during the Spa session,
The minimum age for access to the bath is 16 years old.
Children under 16 are the sole responsibility of their parents.
For hygiene reasons, only swimsuits are allowed
and the shower and compulsory before the bath.

Underpants and other swim shorts are prohibited.

- smoking is prohibited in and around the bath.
- Animals are prohibited in and around the Nordic bath / sauna.
- it is forbidden to jump in the spa, to dive, to splash, to play with the ball and to make waves.
The jacuzzi spa is not a swimming pool!
- the spa and sauna are not recommended for pregnant women,
they are prohibited for people suffering from infectious diseases, skin diseases, obesity, heart and respiratory diseases, hypotension or hypertension, circulatory disorders or diabetes.
- the spa / sauna are prohibited for people on drugs inducing drowsiness,
such as tranquilizers, antihistamines, or blood thinners.
- people on medication should consult their doctor before using the spa / sauna because of the risk of drowsiness and changes in heart rate,
blood pressure or circulation that are associated with taking therapeutic substances.
- the consumption of drugs, alcohol or medication before or during the use of the spa and sauna can cause unconsciousness and a risk of drowning.
- The owners remind their guests that the Nordic bath is not supervised,
- it is advisable to be serious to avoid any risk of drowning.
- Any user of the spa or sauna is advised to be covered by Civil Liability Defense and Recourse insurance.
The owner declines all responsibility in the event of accident, burns or drowning.
- For any damage observed on the spa or sauna,
you will be billed for the cost of repairs.

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